Tulisa Contostavlos Denies Using Gang Sign & Argues With Dappy

Tulisa Contostavlos Denies

X Reckon UK judge Tulisa Contostavlos has been accused of using a pack formalise time filming her penalisation video over the weekend, something which the musician herself vehemently denies.

She's released a statement saying that the "C" symbol she was making with her fingers in pictures posted on Tumblr - believed to be the foretoken utilised by Northeastern Author the Transgression Set Boys - was supposed to be a respect to the share of the capital she grew up in; Metropolis.Tulisa Contostavlos Denies

"I filmed a street recording on Sunday nighttime for a evidence on my album" said Tulisa in her statement. "The recording was a collaboration with the rapper Nines. When we were photography on the street loads of additional group reversed up and joined in the hit.Tulisa Contostavlos Denies

"When I was holding my hands in the 'C' subscribe, this was as a commendation to Camden, my interior townsfolk and where N-Dubz began. I am not aware that this part has anything to with any street pack and I 100 proportion do not sanction any mob force in any signifier."

With one occurrence treeless up, Tulisa enraptured onto a row with her relation Dappy. She lashed out at the rapper - who she late appeared to accept with - over his new song/video for his selection Man 2.

She's slated him for teasing celebs suchlike Vocalizer Cowell, Joe McElderry and Alexandra Speechmaker in the trail. She took to Sound to say:Tulisa Contostavlos Denies

'Stoppage cussin peeps out 4 ratins! talent speaks 4 itself u short s***.Wen testament u cutthroat learn!wen we feature Im gettin u hindermost in mould.'

He replied: 'Now why would u say that,,,i jargon consider u T...Why would u say this around my operate..Fair so u can stronghold cool with your xf job. Sad real....Surmisal im on my own again......F*** x bourgeois'Tulisa Contostavlos Denies

Refusing to let him individual the lowest express, Tulisa hit posterior language: 'Ur a talented slight f***er with to galore issues! variety it out daps friggin category it out!!!'


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