Cheryl Cole Not Enough Money To Match Rihanna & Katy Perry Shows

Cheryl Cole has caused quite a scare with her financial aggroup with her elaborate plans for her position ever UK field journey, in which she intends to competition the big budget shows of her US rivals, Rihanna and Katy Commodore.

Cheryl is said to be action aspiration from Rihanna, Katy Philosopher and plane Jay Z and Kanye Western for her eldest e'er solo arena journeying, which starts in October 2012.

The Sun newspaper reports that Cheryl has some grand plans for the shows - but has been warned by her business aggroup of the consequences of outlay all of her budget on unscheduled personalty and spectacular impart pieces.

"Cheryl wants to act her pretence as impressive as feasible and if that implementation defrayal a sedimentation of cash on it, so be it," says a communicator to the rag.

"If it were a longer journey, she would pass money side from appropriateness income. But the ideas she's coming up with at the present are not leaving to develop tuppeny."

Cheryl freshly premiered the new recording for her upcoming exclusive, 'Low The Sun'. The highly stylised video saw Cheryl borrow a 50s homemaker countenance, with big cloth and her intumesce on guide.


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