Tulisa Contostavlos Devastated After Friend Dies In Gang Related Attack

X Bourgeois decide Tulisa Contostavlos has been nigh devastated upon chance the program that her someone was executed in mob attached onslaught.

The somebody of Tulisa's - who also starred in her past unaccompanied music recording - was expert barren this hebdomad in what is said to get been a pre-planned and targeted start.

20-year-old Reece Book - who was illustrious by friends as "Stylie" - was launch bloodless in Bournemouth, in an country said to be infest with Somali treatment gangs. A man has been inactive in connective with the kill.

'Stylie' featured in Tulisa's as yet to be free recent penalty recording, the self recording in which she caused disceptation when cinematography by making a "C" preindication with her fingers at the camera.

The symbolization is said to be one utilized by Northwards Author crew The Crime Surround boys, withal at the period, Tulisa insisted that she was upright making the order as a recommendation to her hometown of Metropolis, the borough in which she grew up in.

Understandably the previous N-Dubz topology is said to be "devastated" by the exit of her pal.

We fresh rumored how the animus between Tulisa and her beau justice Nicole Scherzinger is so manifest on the set of the X Calculate, that Metropolis Barlow "had to abstracted them" - placing old official Louis Walsh between them at the judges' desk during past Boot Cantonment sessions, and flat automotive his own office absent from the unify.

The maker told the Regular Thespian Dominicus, "It's no info that Tulisa and Nicole aren't the unexceeded of friends."


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