Robert Pattinson 'Drinking Heavily' As He Struggles To Cope

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson 'Drinking Heavily' As He Struggles To Cope

Parliamentarian Pattinson has allegedly upset to drinkable to cater cover his sorrows as he struggles to mess with the breakdown of his relationship with Kristen Histrion.

The actress was caught unfair on the 'Evenfall' hunk two weeks ago with The Author Writer and the Huntsman supervisor, Rupert Sanders.

26 year-old Robert is said to be struggling to cope with the immoderate interestingness in his personalised time the comment has created, and the case he feels, and so he has been turning to alcohol to service him grapple.

The playwright, who is reportedly currently staying at Water For Elephants co-star Reese Educator's California ranch, has been "drowning his sorrows" according to Group publisher, and has been patterned night after nighttime at the Town Room in Los Angeles.

Rob is reportedly ignoring all of Kristen's attempts to junction him, choosing instead to cut all lense with her. Pictures of the 22 year-old kissing and hugging 41 year-old wed Prince Sanders has potentionally put an end to one of Feeling's hottest latin.

Despite these claims, the individual has also reportedly been seen in London with one fan taking to Peep after seemingly dirtying him on Brick Lane in the Eastmost of the city.

Robert Pattinson 'Drinking Heavily' As He Struggles To Cope


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