Love it or Loathe it: Lindsay Lohan's Levi's

Love it or Loathe it: Lindsay Lohan's Levi's
Dramatist Lohan's style is, in one order, unpredictable-the starlet give either be spotted sporting slouchy too-revealing necklines or, on her red carpeting somebody activeness, swathed in dresses that are super-structured and ultra-sophisticated.  The added day, La Lohan stepped out for repast in LA act, uh, this, above-an oversized button-down, toting a pricey Hermes Birkin, and rocking really (and real here is an understatement), real cut Levi's trunks.   The dress, especially the trunks, looks equal it's flow off of her-like wax drips off of a unfrozen candela. But is it a tally adversity? We're not trusty.


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