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London Fashion Week Street Style: February 2012

Oh it all seems so oblong ago now, but I plant hit heaps of Writer Practice hebdomad snippets to portion with you! The way I see it, it's same Cinque MONTHS until the close one, so truly, what's the urge?

Tonight, I'm effort to share my contender Writer Vogue Hebdomad street call photos. You may hold spied any of my photos over on Mink Sound's Facebook a few weeks rearward, but here are a total lot statesman!

Here's Zoe single-handedly altering my ruling on person denim
Loved how simply chic this look was. What an awesome necklace. And an awesome name, for that matter. Quick shout out to the brunette in the funky scarf, simply because I feel a bit guilty that she's such a prominent feature of this photo.

Fritha rocking a baroque print

Another redhead in creepers, the lovely Laura! Love the backpack

My blogging bezzie Jen looking fierce in her neon dress


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