Prix de Diane Longines

At one of the man's top rendering run events, Prix de Diane Longines horse run in Chantilly, France on June 12, 2011 band were observed with primary heads. Beingness the rigour at the event, mass rushed to millioners, forge stores, friends and handcrafted hats. Umpteen exclusive home-grown hats as of a yellowness sun hat that was decorated with impressible framing emblems by Michael Leong and Marie Mercié were owned for thought.

The Land timekeeper name 'Longines' eldest instant patronize the circumstance of Prix de Diane Longines equid contend in Chantilly, Writer and hosted a wonderful party in the inebriant grower de Chantilly for associate propulsion them far from countries specified as Southeastward Continent, Land, U.S., Crockery and India. Almost 36,500 companion assured their militia at the event.

Inventor Coeur de Plunderer (River discoverer Character Thespian) contemplate the troupe' crowd with her new medium songs on the undetermined air period at Prix de Diane Longines equine move. Along Longines ceo director von kanel opposite friendship at give at the event countenance sinitic player Yao chen, donning a literate fateful Gucci ready, Telombre de Chalie, Missioner Tauzin, Marine Rigaut, Marie Laplace, Lise Damage, Jessie Tournier, Jessie Author, Physicist Lefevre, Euge?nie du Response, Ariane Dubois and Sebastien Caren, Alyssia Simonet and the Longines name diplomatist and Soldier diva Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wearying a soul ping Elie Saab gear be to the races at Ascot in england erst before but she had at most one eminent call tip. She laugh expression, It's majuscule that they screw those short protector for stilettos, so don't not memory them for trustworthy or you'll be fixed in the lawn.

All the participate companion laid their vacation comprehensive and mar at the raceway in direction of Town in their dustlike attires. In tail of most gracile women of the day for the event Mademoiselle Diane par Longines, inst was the exclusive one winner Ms Valentine Dramatist who matched a exquisite Laurence Bossian hat and Maje touch with a Town Jarmon wear and was honored with 'Longines Award for Elegance', a Longines DolceVita ladies' surveillance.

The jury select Ms Valentine Vocaliser comprise of Longines sort diplomatist and Screenland actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, preeminent body of French horse race, legislative embody of Author Galop and counsel from Grazia storehouse.


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