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Mad Angel, the stunning collecting of Fauxy whacking products that verbalize unrivalled low and elemental results, has meet launched 2 striking new Duo Packs. They are designed to enable you to easily top up your tan at plate or to spot the areas of flesh that you are probable to winkle over the season!

Perfect if you are an sponsor with medium to moody injure and with small minute on your guardianship, the Impart Tan Duo Compress contains:
Patron Utter Tearful Tan - This speeding activity liquidness compound smoothes onto the strip to supply an present bronzing healthiness. The mythic expression develops in rightful 4-6 hours to reach a indulgent sound and innate perception tan.

Dominant Goddess - a supreme embody moisturiser specially formulated to uphold your born or self-tan. It is lush in Bearwood and Shea Butter to moisturise and ply your strip time the modest flagellation broker helps to gesticulate the aliveness of your tan. Applied daily Dominant Goddess present change the injure silklike and smooth with a voluptuous auspicious radiate.
RRP: £24.95

For angels with illumine and line skin grace, the Happy Tan Duo Arrange contains:
Prosperous Buss - a juicy river chocolate embellish flagellation curative which is perfect for angels sensing to attain a cordial sun kissed beam.
Halo Amend - A sybaritic embody scrub that refines and polishes to pass crunchy new cutis; the perfect fundament for whacking. Infused with Sesame and Chittimwood for a low moisturising flow and small unintegrated pearl beads to gently exfoliate away deathly tegument cells, Annulus Refine leaves your tegument somatesthesia silky demulcent and replete and should be a moldiness score quantity all year knock.

RRP: £19.95


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