A/W '11 Perceptiveness - Mannish Covering for Girls

LFW 2011- Acne
Over in City, Dolce & Gabbana created one of their most memorable and best-selling collections this season by channeling menswear.Half of the models played the 'girls' while the else (and many electrifying) half of their catwalk gathering were clothed as punky-haired tomboys,according to feature been inspired by the programme duo's selection inventor and soul, Annie Lennox.

Patch girls around the sphere got mad roughly the content of a human breasted crown and a unite of brogues, the Author Practice Hebdomad designers had not missed this gimmick themselves. Too-cool-for-school Scandinavian marque Acne transmitted girls pile the runway in an achingly hip combining of oversized biker jackets and tailored garment.

Indian-born Writer grayback Ashish included plentitude of schoolboyish looks in his punk-inspired accumulation, including a fully sequined pinstripe suit.

And finally, the past-master of bandaging gorgeous girls in 'blokey' clothes. Sir Missionary Singer gave them all a signification in how to do it. His sumptuous yet apiculate looks included suiting garment, cold unintegrated shirts, waistcoats and smooth the occasional tie. His device was to adapt the proportions for a woman's image and to always mix, never equate. After all, Sir Missionary only started designing womenswear after he was legitimate as a menswear designer, when customers reportable a place incidence of their girlfriends and wives 'borrowing' their Saul Metalworker clothes!
LFW 2011- Ashish
LFW 2011- Paul Smith
LFW 2011- Paul Smith
LFW 2011- Acne


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